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    We don't just build houses. We build homes.

    Siyanda Joyisa

     - co-founder of Joyisa Group Contractors

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    The buildings we create inspire us, reflect who we are as a society, and stand tall against everything we throw at them.
    They protect us against the elements, hold us up, and we admire their beauty and strength.

    Thabani Joyisa

     - co-founder of Joyisa Group Contractors

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    When you work in the construction industry, you see evidence of your job every day, from the site you worked on last week,
    to the project you’re hoping to get next month. You’re out there, creating something, each and every single day.
    I don’t know about you, but it’s my favorite part of being in this industry

    Collen Joyisa

     - founder of Joyisa Group Contractors

Recent Works

When we take on a project, for us, it not just another building built or new electrical installations installed but we change lives, improve standards of living and quality of life.

Paving - Building - Boundary Wall - Painting
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